Foshan City League Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited was founded in 1996, and in November 2017 it was upgraded to a series of products of the Guangdong imperial league's Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited industry production power steering (Emir direction machine). After more than 10 years of pragmatic innovation, it has developed into an enterprise integrating R & D, technology, management and sales. The products are sold to domestic vehicle manufacturers, distributors all over the country, and exported to the US, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and so on.
Guangdong Diamond automobile direction machine company building covers an area of more than 20 thousand square meters, production capacity of 200 thousand sets (sets), with a variety of special CNC machining equipment and heat treatment and other large equipment of more than 300 large equipment, with high automation assembly line assembly equipment, with more advanced testing equipment at home and abroad. Our company is designed with high starting point, high quality, specialization and mass production, and the product reaches the international level. In 2000, Beijing Automotive Manufacturing Plant Co., Ltd. developed a complete set of steering system for land tyrants and cross-country vehicles. In 2002, the steering system of TJ7131U and TJ7136U car was developed for the Charlie Limited by Share Ltd of Tianjin.
Guangdong Diamond  direction machine company has a professional production team, shell casting workshop, shell processing workshop, rack production workshop, gear production workshop, assembly workshop, oil cylinder production workshop, pull rod production workshop, tooling manufacturing workshop, equipment manufacturing plant.
"Quality first" is the principle of the development of the company. Through the continuous efforts of all the members of the company for many years, we can now provide hundreds of gear and rack car steering gear in China, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other cars. Following the concept of "service is product", the after-sales service system of the company will meet the needs of customers throughout the whole process of after-sales service and provide a timely and thoughtful full range of services. To meet customer requirements, to draw the world's advanced technology, make Guangdong Diamond  direction machine products continues to improve. Development and improvement of TOYOTA directional machine series steering gear products, Honda directional series power steering products, MITSUBISHI steering gear series hydraulic directional machine products, modern directional machine series hydraulic steering machine products, Buick directional machine series direction machine products, Volkswagen direction machine, five bell square direction machine, Huachen golden cup direction machine, Chery direction machine, Jianghuai direction machine, Guangzhou Honda steering gear, Guangzhou TOYOTA steering gear.
The company is people-oriented, pay attention to training and improve the quality of each employee, in the spirit of efficient, realistic, innovative belief, quality, reputation, regard the customer as God, and build good cooperative relations on the basis of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and mutual trust. The company is willing to work hand in hand with the whole country and the world's new and old customers to make joint efforts to create more brilliant tomorrow with our diligence and wisdom.




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