Introduction of the corporate culture

     We are a company greatly influences by traditional Chinese Confucian culture, “regulating the family, career, self-cultivation”. The "home" is one of the Confucian spirits. The Chinese emphasis on family values, and the sense of responsibility to family promotes personal growth and drives to achieve life goals. Our company is all the staff’s home, enhancing every employee a sense of belonging and a sense of security. Another idea of Confucianism is the basis of “cultivate one's morality” as the base of “regulating the family” and “building a career”. When working, employee needs to continuously self-learning, self - learning, self-denial, self-improve and self-transcendence at the same time, which together with the enterprise achieve higher goals.

1. Corporate philosophy: people-oriented, merit-based.

   To maintain a good state and corporate image, the nurturing of talent is an important way to develop the enterprise, improve work efficiency, and achieve work results. It is the first product of the company. Therefore the company promotes the concept of talent: people-oriented, merit-based.

   Persist in integrated evaluation of value, talent, body and energy. And value is the first principle of employment. It is the premise of the company in good condition. To this end, the company promotes the talent environment of unity and competition, interaction and development.

Committed to developing talents, we treat education and training as an important part of the company management, with good reputation, and strict management, to establish a strong, stable, highly competitive collective.

   Establish a set of rules and regulations of the company’s management towith good reputation, and strict management, to establish a strong, stable, highly competitive collective.

2. concepts: norms, control, and transparent.

    Estandardize business practices and employee behavior which is the basis of the company business management. The company promotes quality management philosophy of "not the biggest but the best; pursuit the perfect, and whole-heartedly.”

   Management philosophy within the company’s is: the financial, capital, and personnel allocation must be highly centralized. The company management principles are according to procedures and regulations strictly control the risk to the minimum.

All levels of management activities, through modern information management tools to open, transparent and share information resources.

   Perseverance in pursuit of the products in the development of the fine tips, and strives to the standardization of the management system and advancing. This company takes the initiative to embark on the path of quality certification, and is committed to improving the management level, in the maximum guarantees the excellent quality of the product.

3. Business philosophy: steady development, wholeheartedly.

   The development of the company must adhere to the pragmatic principle of stability. Through modern information management tools, rationally allocates funds, repeated studies the market, and seeks the best combination of breakthrough and innovations and steady development. Focus on domestic enterprises, at the same time seeks multi-party cooperation with foreign countries, and finally go abroad, to enable the enterprise become world enterprises.

4.  Life philosophy: regulating family, building career, self-cultivation.

    The company requires that employees have a strong heart of responsibility, and have a good knowledge of professional technology and business. We respect the personal wishes, individual choice and personal privacy of the employees, and

habit of diligent study and working, diligent in regulating their own behavior, and

promote the scientific , rich and healthy life, to promote employees to develop the

love the personality of the staff.

    We require employees to achieve success in their careers, at the same time, better balance their families, so that the two can be harmoniously developed. The pursuit of career and life has the purpose of self-cultivation, being a responsibility to the family and career, with a complete people.

Quality policy:

        Customer first, quality first;

        Excellence, continuous improvement.

Quality objectives:

    1. Strict implementation of the international quality standard certification: ISO / TS 16949-2002;

    2. Customer complaint rate is less than 1%.

    3. Internal / external cost of poor quality ratio is less than 3.5%

    4. Production passed rate is greater than 95%




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