One, channel support
It provides a scientific service for the franchisee's shop location, experience forecasting and so on. It provides diversified business support for dealers, including prop support, decoration support and support for retreating, and later image upgrading, etc., to encourage dealers to keep pace with the times, innovate brands, and ultimately achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.
Two, brand support
Have a strong planning team, timely and effective marketing promotion activities, in order to facilitate the rapid transaction of terminal shops, improve the operating performance of terminal stores to provide an important guarantee and continuous strength. Regular brand communication campaign, online and offline, new media and traditional media to achieve interaction and interaction, the most efforts to publicize and promote brand.
Three, goods support
Each year, we organize and implement two large new products conferences, inviting all parts of the country to go to the site to see the sample order, make up the orders in time and deliver the goods promptly in accordance with the sales status of the agent's goods, and ensure that the replenish of the goods is on time. The complete return and exchange mechanism ensures the accuracy and speed of goods exchange in all regions of the country, and ensures the smooth sales of goods.
Four, price support
Strict and perfect price system ensures the brand's perpetual success. The national unified retail price is the rigid index of the brand all the time. According to the principle of unified, transparent and open, the company establishes a national unified terminal market retail price system, constantly maintains brand value, guarantees the rights and interests of business partners and customers, standardizing the market order, and Gou Jianliang's harmonious operating environment.
Five, training support
Talent resource is the first positive energy for the development of enterprises, and the specific expression of core competitiveness. Attaches great importance to the training of employees in all positions. In cooperation with China research international brand management consulting agency, it provides marketing management training, brand planning, market strategy planning, advanced management model, scientific training base, long-term specialized, systematized and standardized training for the distributors, shop directors and shopping guide of new stores, so that the output of terminal stores can not be exported. A broken person.
Six, information support
We should actively promote the full coverage of ERP system and strengthen the work of "dual P" (VIP and ERP). Through the information platform and distribution system of ERP system, the whole sales chain can be monitored and tracked effectively. The ERP system, which has invested tens of millions of information management projects, has realized the on-line rate from the headquarters to the terminal eighty percent, the effective and timely adjustment and follow-up to the terminal stores, the decision making for the terminal profit and the market information for the product development, which greatly promoted the scientificity of the brand terminal retail and the management of commodity data. Response speed.




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