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Foshan Diamond Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, specializing in producing "JD" brand automobile power steering products(Power Steering Gear,Power Steering Rack,Rack and pinion power steering). After 10 years of practical innovation, our company has integrated research and development, management, production and sale.






The cheetah auto giant national car park cross-country race ningxiang station three crowns

Ningxiang epicenter wide net news (reporter Wang Yanhui), November 29, 2014 "JingCang cup"hunan province ningxiang China auto field cross-country championships (COC) yesterday (28)the eveningthe slight drizzle over the final race, cheetah, overall carthe semi obsolete two other rivals, so early scored the first four.

  • Please send your price list.

    Hello, we are not a trading company, so the price is up to the quantity to a great degree. Please advise your qty and we will offer the reasonable prices.

  • How long is the warranty period?

    The warranty period is 12-24 months since the delivery date.

    a. The warranty period is 24 months with DKM packing

    b. The warranty period is 12 months with neutral or the other packing.

  • How long would be the delivery time?

    The delivery time is according to different production condition, specifically as follows

    a、  It takes 15 days from order to delivery for the off-line products.

    b、 It takes 60 days from order to delivery for products with production schedule.

    c、  Usually it takes 70 to 90 days for products without production schedule. Please contact the sales for the exact delivery time.

  • MOQ

    Hello, our MOQ depend on different situations as below:

    A.     No MOQ required if the products are off-production line.

    B.     No MOQ required if the products are on our production schedule.

    C.     As for those parts without production schedule, 30/50/100pcs would be all acceptable. We will arrange production schedule when the accumulated quantity reach to 500 pcs, the more quantity you order the earlier we start to produce.




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